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I think the middle east crisis is very very sad and both sides are at fault. They must put it behind them and move on.  But unfortunately we in the east don’t really know what the situation is. My best guess is Israel is going a bit far on the little guys and why does USA keep supporting the Jews. It’s going to be very interesting what the new Secretary Of State does to resolve this tragedy.

Daniel     … Toronto, CANADA

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The pic above was at a protest in Toronto regarding the Iran situation.

Our cops did a good job in keeping everything peaceful.

These police were not at the protest and they don’t always ride the horses or wear  the red uniforms but they do look cool. They are our National Police force RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).

UPDATE – February 20/2010

Started this blog about a year ago but now I am really into it and am having a great time

learning how to do everything. I still am trying to find out how to keep one post at the start of the blog (sticky post) but I still don’t know how to do that yet. This is a real blast and thanks wordpress this is so much fun.

Daniel … Toronto, CANADA