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UPDATE: Jodi Arias Trial – Prosecutor Juan Martinez gets defence expert to say murder victim Travis Alexander was a ‘human being’ really

Phoenix, Arizona - The defence expert Alyce LaViolette was on the stand again today and finally made it clear that the murder victim, Travis Alexander was indeed a ‘human being.’ Juan Martinez the prosecutor asked her and she agreed, he was a ‘human being’ and Martinez continued to try to discredit her, since he thinks she is a “human lie detector.”

The expert psychotherapist finished her $300 an hour testimony Friday, but is under a court ordered subpoena to return to court on Tuesday to discuss an (issue) that Judge Sherry K. Stephens wants to discuss with her.

Why do you think LaViolette has been ordered back to court to address an “issue” that she is aware of? Also the court has ordered an InSession (TruTV) producer to attend court next week to discuss something.

Could it possibly be the Judge wants to ask why she ‘lied’ to some of the questions she was asked by the jury?

After all, LaViolette has the opinion that sometimes lies, are not lies, there are white lies and medium lies and then real lies, in her opinion.

Arizona is one a the few states that allows jurors to ask questions and Friday they asked about 160 questions of LaViolette. In day 101 of the trial the started on January 2/2013 there have only been three defence witnesses and she had stated to a jurors question she had given evidence in court about men, “one or two times.”

After another  heated cross by prosecutor Juan Martinez, he got her to admit she actually did not give testimony in court but had filed “a report” with the court about an earlier interview she did several years ago.

Also in another surprise move juror #11 was released from duty due to an unannounced illness.  Another alternate (16 remain) will take his place, which makes two jurors released from duty since the start of the trial.

Court will resume again on Monday, but LaViolette will not appear until Tuesday because of a prior conflict on Monday.

Jodi Arias trial ‘stalking’ the point today, Alyce LaViolette for defence, day 8

Phoenix, Arizona – Prosecutor Juan Martinez has been cross-examining the defence’s domestic violence expert Alyce LaViolette (psychotherapist) for the past eight days and today he was concentrating on Jodi Arias stalking of the victim Travis Alexander.

Martinez has been on a rant about the mischaracterizing of the witness in regards to her assessment of Jodi Arias almost three years ago. He suggests she is being paid to give her assessment and he thinks she is siding with the defendant. Basically he is suggesting she didn’t do her job, according to him.

Yesterday he wanted LaViolette to give testimony on a hypothetical situation and continue to do it ‘under oath.’ How can you testify to something that is not real? Oh yeah, Martinez deals in unreal situations with his questioning  about Snow White last week.

He didn’t skip a beat about the evidence when he brought up the point about Travis Alexander viewing child pornography. LaViolette had misspoke, and mentioned that she believed Alexander was viewing child pornography online but according to the defendant, he was viewing them with real pictures on his bed days before he was killed.

He touched on Arias’s evidence Alexander asked he to wear a little boys spiderman underwear, while they were having sex. But there is no evidence showing that Alexander had any interest in young boys, other than Arias’s evidence. It was suggested the reason Alexander wanted her to wear spiderman underwear was because he saw Cameron Diaz with them in a movie Charlie’s Angels.

Alyce LaViolette was conducting a forensic assessment when she interviewed Jodi Arias. I’m not exactly sure whether she is suppose to interview her and give her opinion.

But it appears prosecutor Martinez is trying to suggest she was wrong in her assessment and was just siding with the defendant Jodi Arias.

But we all must remember when the prosecution or the defence have an expert, they pick one that is going to give them answers that agree with their arguments.

Alyce LaViolette (old-fashioned) witness for the defence in the Jodi Arias trial under the gun again today, ‘What’s the Webster’s definition of manipulative?’

Alyce LaViolette 49Phoenix, Arizona - Alyce LaViolette domestic violence expert getting $300 per hour was under fire again today from prosecutor Juan Martinez in the three-month first degree murder trial of Jodi Arias.

The trial has cost the State of Arizona at least $1.5 million so far up to the end of March with no end in sight.

Martinez didn’t let up for a second in trying to discredit the witness on the smallest contradiction from her notes in her assessment of Arias.

He asked “Do you even have any memory of your notes?” And then went on to ask her if she knew the “Webster’s definition of manipulative” suggesting Jodi Arias was very manipulative.

LaViolette answered, ” I haven’ been asked for a Webster’s definition.”

He went on to say Arias plays the victim all the time and doesn’t believe she was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of her murder victim, Travis Alexander.

Whenever LaViolette tried to answer any questions without a yes or no answer which Martinez always maintains he would ask Judge Sherry K. Stephens to admonish the witness, to get in line with what he wanted, and demanded.

She often tries to give complete answers and yet Martinez is not satisfied and of course must give her a scolding from the Judge. He must have had a very tough time growing up as a young man if he acted as, the ‘bully’ he appears to be in this trial.

Mr. Martinez finally cleared up the major question in this three-month trial, “Yes or no, was Mr. Alexander a man?” LaViolette answered correctly and told us “yes he was.”

This is what you are missing if you don’t watch the trial, earth shattering information about who was killed back in 2008 by Jodi Arias.

LaViolette – “If you were in my group, I would ask you to take a time-out” which was admonished by the Judge.

The trial continues tomorrow, and no doubt Martinez will continue in the same fashion. If you don’t have HLN or In Session you can watch the LIVE streaming trial online HERE remember they are 3-4 hours behind the east coast time zone.

UPDATE: Jodi Arias murder trial on HLN (nonstop coverage) Pause/LIVE – Just for commercials?

HLN-In Session complete coverage is extensive

HLN-In Session complete coverage is extensive and ratings are way up, 50%

World-wide coverage

Phoenix, ArizonaJodi  Arias, 32  is on trial for the vicious stabbing/shooting murder of mormon Travis Alexander, 30 in Arizona in 2008, and the trial is being carried by HLN (part of CNN) and they emphasize it is ‘LIVE.’

She is facing the death penalty after she has admitted killing Alexander, but she claims it was in self-defence after she stabbed him 27 times and shot him once. She is claiming battered women syndrome and an expert was on the stand today for the defence. She has been in custody since her arrest in 2008.

Last week and today, psychotherapist Alyce LaViolette (over 35 years) was testifying and prosecutor Juan Martinez asked about a seminar she gave back in 2010 about Snow White being a battered women.

She kept saying she only used that title because it was “catchy” and drew attention to her seminar, but for some reason Juan Martinez never could ‘catch’ the concept.

He actually asked her “how old were the dwarves” but she did not have an answer, since it is not real, it is a fairy tale, created by Disney.

This is probably the first high-profile trial that has been covered this way, although many have asked for it since Digital Video Recorders (DVR) came into homes in the last decade. DVR’s allow you to watch LIVE TV and pause the show like a VCR. It saves the live stream in the computer memory on the DVR and although tv stations have had this equipment for many years, it’s the first time a trial has been covered in this way.

HLN ratings are up over 50%, yikes

The trial is something you don’t want to miss, even if you don’t like trials.

There’s never a dull moment, and the best is when the prosecutor Juan Martinez is questioning the defence witnesses.

It’s like a battle for Martinez to get a “yes/no” answer to nearly every question. He thinks it’s like a boxing match and must win on every point no matter how small it may be.

To get a better understanding of how annoying prosecutor Martinez can be, just watch the first 20 minutes of him constantly objecting during the direct testimony of LaViolette last week. (below) He may legally be correct, but it must take a toll on the jury, and they may also be annoyed with Martinez, they could lean towards giving Arias, a life sentence instead of the death penalty. He never gives it a rest, constantly objecting on the smallest of the small.

Today he tried to discredit psychotherapist Alyce LaViolette as he went on a rant about her not being the lead speaker at a seminar in Los Angeles in 2010. He was suggesting that she lied on her resume and pulled every punch he could to bring her down, without success.

Prosecutor-pitbull, Juan Martinez, ouch

With all the objections from the defence, and the constant sidebars with the judge the trial has gone on for nearly three months.

It seems when ever the defence objects, the judge always allows Martinez to continue with his constant badgering of the witnesses.

It is expected to end within the next week, but the way it is going, no-one knows for sure.

Certainly not a dull moment, and with Martinez trying to discredit every defence witness, this could go on for another month before it goes to the jury.

Yes/no, yes/no, yes/no? gurrr

There has been one juror released from service and an alternate took her place, but it’s unclear why she was removed after over two months.

The jurors have not been sequestered, and why is unclear. The defence has requested they be sequestered after juror No. 5 was given the boot.

The defence request for a mistrial was denied by Judge Sherry K. Stephens. Trial continues Tuesday on HLN and In Session (truTV,)  however there is no court on Fridays. Why not?

UPDATE:  Since I wrote this Judge Stephens announced yesterday they would now be holding court on a few Fridays within the next month or so. Maybe she has read my BLOG and thought it may be a good idea, and save the State some money.

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Toronto Police name-tags: Visible or hidden in their pockets. St. Jamestown senior claims no tags on push-in at his home

Toronto Police Service ‘Robo cops’ at the G20

Toronto, Canada - Several years ago the City of Toronto made it mandatory that on duty police must wear their personal name-tags on their uniforms at all times.

If that is the case, why are they attached to the uniforms with velcro, which allows them to be taken off quickly at anytime.

And it seems that is what they did on Sunday, at a senior’s apartment in St Jamestown complex at Wellesley/Sherbourne.

The resident says he opened the door and about seven burly bicycle policemen in uniform pushed their way into his apartment, without a warrant and no velcro name-tags on their uniforms.

Their number patches on their shoulders where also not visible because they had their yellow jackets on without name-tags. When asked, they never told him what they wanted, nor did they show a valid search warrant. One officer (unidentified) went as far to say, “We don’t need a warrant.”

That was Sunday morning, and then today, Monday, October 22/12 the same officers arrived again unidentified and no warrant, and no explanation about why they were there.

Once could be a mistake, but twice, with the same officers, same attitudes, something is wrong. They completed their searches each day and left with nothing. When they first arrived at 10am on Sunday morning they said “they were responding to a noise complaint,” but no charges were laid and there was no problem with noise.

The 61-year-old senior with several medical problems, called the local station and he told the officer who answered what had occurred. The officer asked if he “had problems with police” which is reasonable, but wouldn’t they still need a search warrant? He asked “what should I do” and at no time did the officer tell him to file a formal complaint. He asked if he could “speak to the Sergeant on duty” and she put him through to another general Sergeant voice mailbox, which was indicated full.

What it seems the police are trying to do in St Jamestown is commendable, as it seems they are trying to stop the spread of drugs throughout the community, which this senior supports.

No name-tag not acceptable, we see the velcro

But having his apartment raided by unidentified officers two days in a row and find nothing and offer no explanation or apologies, they have clearly crossed the line and answers are forthcoming.

You can see just above the watermark (DMB) this officer like many others at the G20 Summit in Toronto, had pulled his name-tag off, so they couldn’t be identified.

The big question, why don’t they just sew the name-tags onto their uniforms permanently, so they cannot take them off when they conduct a ‘raid’ without a warrant or explanation.

One officer (unidentified) as he was leaving said, “You shouldn’t have crack heads in your house,” which the senior says, he did not.

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Daniel … Toronto, Canada,    丹尼尔دانيال … تورنتو، كندا،
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World wide outrage: Teen father receives 90 day sentence for killing 6 month old daughter

Dylan Kuhn handed a 90 day sentence

Dolores, Colorado – Dylan Kuhn, 19, received a meager sentence of 90 days in prison for killing his daughter after he plead guilty to manslaughter. A 911 call was received, saying a child was not breathing, but on arrival the six months old child,

Sailor Serenity Raine Kuhn

Sailor Serenity Kuhn was dead. The father originally said she had fallen from the bed and hit her head on the floor. At the time he was entertaining friends and drinking and using drugs while his girlfriend had gone to work.

This was back in November 2011, and it was overlooked until a forensic autopsy report indicated the child had “subdural hematomas and hemorrhaging in her optic nerve sheath which was a recent injury.” A medical examiner determined the baby’s injuries were “consistent with a baby being slammed against a soft but unyielding surface similar to that of a firm mattress,” the affidavit states.

Sailor Serenity Raine Kuhn – gone forever only 6 mths

Meanwhile and prior to this weeks sentencing, Kuhn had been charged with another horrendous crime, drinking and driving.

The crown attorney (Russell Wasley) and the defense worked out a plea deal, that would allow the Judge to give him up to four years in jail for Sailor’s death, and would withdraw the DUI. Not bad enough that he admitted to killing his own daughter, he could have killed others by driving while impaired.

District Court Judge Douglas Walker decided on 90 days in prison, four years probation and a parenting class in lieu of a harsher penalty because he did not wish time behind bars to harden the guilty teen.

‘I am giving you the opportunity. Make the best of this opportunity, if nothing else, to honor your daughter’s memory,’ Judge Walker told Kuhn at his sentencing on Tuesday, according to the Cortez Journal.

The crown Russell Wasley was not as pleased and had recommended the full sentence of four years, but was overruled by Judge Walker.

Judge Douglas Walker – 90 day sentence shameful

Many groups are horrified about this sentence and have started on online petition to have Judge Walker removed from the bench for the light sentence he handed down this week.

The even stranger part of all this, his girlfriend/mother (April Coleman, 19)  has supported him from the beginning, and feels he just made a mistake.

When he was sentenced he cried openly in court and said he was told he wasn’t old enough to be a father, and said they were right.

Child activist groups are outraged by the sentence and said, ‘It’s disturbing to see a judge sentence someone who admits causing a child’s death to a sentence you see in misdemeanor cases, reckless driving cases,’ Stephanie Villafuerte, executive director of the Denver-based Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center, said to the Denver Post.

And because of jails being full, he may be out within weeks.

Pedro Navarro killer

In another toddler killing in Michigan from 2005, Pedro Navarro was sentenced on Tuesday, September 12/12 to life without parole for the killing of 2-year-old Aiyana Cisneros.

At this point the only answer for Kuhn is for the prosecutor to appeal the sentence to the supreme court to give justice to young Sailor Serenity Kuhn.

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Daniel … Toronto, Canada,    丹尼尔دانيال … تورنتو، كندا،
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Alleged thief David Golson, 29, gets roughed up and stripped down for allegedly stealing a ‘snickers bar’ at 7-Eleven in Brooklyn [VIDEO]

Brooklyn, New York - Not the first and not the last shoplifter in New York but David Golson, 29, didn’t count on store employees to grab him and hold him for police.

Crime of the century, NOT, but this past Wednesday around 11pm Golson was spotted by video allegedly stealing one ‘snickers bar’ and promptly surrounded by 7-11 employees and wrestled to the ground. 7-Eleven policy is not to intervene in any shoplifting offences and such one employee was fired and two others sent to re-training.

He denied stealing anything but was heard (Video) to say, ” I don’t have nothin else, it was just a box.’ said Golson.

If convicted, it’s not the crime he will have to deal with, it will be the embarrassment of the video that everyone has seen.

Don’t ever attempt to steal anything in 7-Elevens high security stores especially at night, especially in New York.

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Daniel … Toronto, Canada,    丹尼尔دانيال … تورنتو، كندا،
My take on everything

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NYC police ‘alleged brutality’ subduing victim again, happens everywhere without cause, by ‘some’

Brooklyn, New York - An unsuspecting drunk, sleeping it off in a Jewish Community Centre in Aliya, ((Alternative Learning Institute for Young Adults) Ehud H. Halevi, 24, was awakened and challenged by a male and female NYPD officer on October 8th.

They were confronting him because they had a report he was not allowed to be in the Centre. It was later found out he did have authorization to be there for the last month and continues to reside at Aliya.

This seems to be happening more and more in NYC and if it’s happening there, it’s happening everywhere. What happened with approaching the suspect as police officers, and subduing them without weapons and just use physical force to put handcuffs on them. Many victims of police misconduct, are afraid to come forward, for reprisals and yet many of the officers (very few police) who do these actions are reported. But if the bosses see that cop ‘X’ has 23 complaints of police brutality, they will not let this continue.

Justice has to prevail, and these officers must be held accountable. If this video confirms the actions they took, it will be a training video on how, “not to act” in the future.

When they first came out with the taser they said it was to be used only instead of using their handguns. What we see now is they are using tasers for any reason, not compiling with an officers command, not laying down, and many other insignificant demands. Have they stopped teaching officers combat techniques for disabling alleged criminals at training facilities?

Apologies must be forthcoming in this unprovoked attack against Halevi and all charges must be dropped against him immediately. Two officers originally arrived and since they couldn’t subdue him, another nine officers arrived on the scene. Was this necessary? Was he a threat, NOT, he was a guest of the facility.

Disclose the names of the officers involved immediately, and start the investigation to have them removed from the NYPD.

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Daniel … Toronto, Canada,    丹尼尔     دانيال … تورنتو، كندا،
My take on everything

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